The Peace Bus

Bringing The "Gift Of Peace"

In January 2007, 27 actors, peace activists and a film crew crossed the nation in 8 days on a bio-disel bus to perform a play they called "The Gift of Peace". Their mission: to educate America on the benefits of, and need for a federal cabinet level Department of Peace and non-violence.

Over eight days they visit eight cities hit by violence to perform the "The Gift Of Peace". During their journey they confront their deepest selves as their personal limits are tested by breakdowns in communication and lost hope. Throughout this emotional endeavor they all come to the realization that their lives would never be the same. Each individual boarded the bus to change the world and learned instead that they must change themselves. This bold and beautiful documentary asks everyone who experiences it, “How far are they willing to go to truly make a difference.”

Peace Out

Why this film and why now?

At the dawn of the 21st Century we find our media saturated with news programs built on labeling, conflict, and side taking. In contrast our local movie theaters and laptops offer an array of films that promise prosperity and ways to save our planet. This film provides an exploration of that complicated, oversimplified and often vilified word, Peace.

In this film, the bus becomes a microcosm for the world. Our heroes did not have the skill set to get their needs met when the journey began yet through their clear intention to discover what peace means to them they slowly learn to listen differently, negotiate, and compromise to meet each other’s needs.

The audience and the characters alike learn that there can be conflicting needs between people on a bus just as there is within a marriage or in leading the world. However, they discover that it is possible to find ways to respect those needs and to communicate and find a resolution that doesn’t involve psychological or physical violence. This film begins as a way to spread the word about the Department of Peace but it becomes a character study in self empowerment and the personal peace found in taking a stand for what one believes.