Company Info

Small Town Productions was founded to develop and produce intimate stories with a small town feel, independent in nature and tone. Small Town Productions is a multi-award winning independent production company commited to inspiring and enriching the lives of our viewers.

Owned and operated by producer/director, Tasha Oldham, Small Town Productions is a full service company that is designed to give a voice to issues that resonate deeply and affect our lives profoundly. Driven by our passion for cinema our projects reflect the highest level of storytelling in both fiction and non fiction.

Our experience and expertise provides us with the ability to advise on every aspect of production from television projects to feature films to industrials. We are committed to the development and fostering of relationships with an unmistakable, unique cinematic voice.

We invite our audience to take an active role in the viewing experience. Our audiences are invited to make a difference in their own world through social change, discussion, service or simply broadening their horizons. Our dedication is to compel, educate, entertain and create awareness by means of provocative subject matter not typically approached in mainstream media.

SmallTown Productions can take your production from concept to completion. Whatever your needs, SmallTown Productions has the expertise and facility to turn an idea into a reality.